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Signed Stitches: A Horror Collection

Signed Stitches: A Horror Collection

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(This is a signed Paperback with bookmark and Swag)

Teen fans of a Rock n’ Roll God go on a hunt for a lost song that even the Devil doesn’t want to be found. A woman builds a trap for a deadly serial killer with the help of a Doctor, who is skilled in the art of madness… these are just some of the tales of terror that are waiting for you deep in the blood-soaked pages of “Stitches”

Sylvester Barzey has scoured the darkest reaches of his mind and ripped his favorite twisted tales from five anthologies to create this one collection of genre-blended horror. Stitches is one collection that won't only get under your skin it will bury itself in your flesh! The five tales that make up this collection are:

  • Blood Note (First Published In Descent Into Darkness)
  • Lisa (First Published In 7 Sins Of The Apocalypse)
  • Unfit (First Published In Mad Like Me)
  • Adam (First Published In Undead Worlds)
  • Shades Of Blue (First Published In Voices Of Romance)

Go beyond your comfort zone and find out what's really under your skin.

Read "Stitches" today!


This Collection Contains Subject Matter Such As:


Harm To Children

Mental illness

Domestic Violence

Elderly Abuse





Sexual Assault

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